My first foray into the world of Film began at sixteen in college. I began by teaching myself basic VFX compositing. Naturally, I was terrible at it.​
Over the next five years I developed my skills, dragging my friends out to shoot videos at every opportunity I could. Throughout this I dabbled in the world of YouTube, creating content for some of the biggest channels at the time, such as Yogscast, SoTotallyToby, NoxCrew and more. Alongside this I set up my first company, Simple Pixels, with a long time friend of mine, Tom Broadbent.​
Simple Pixels opened up my world to more than solely internet videos. I was creating engaging video content for local bands and businesses as well as developing my abilities further than ever.​
Finally after spending two years working in retail funding my passion while I got my business running, I realised I'd had enough of the nine to five retail life. I quit my job and moved from my lifelong home of West Yorkshire to the bustling city of Liverpool. Here I spent two years studying a Digital Film Making Degree at the independent university; SAE. After graduating with a First Class Honours, SAE offered me a job within the film team at the Liverpool campus.
I spent my days at SAE helping fellow filmmakers achieve their goals all while passionately pursuing projects of my own such as the live-lounges and my first large-scale documentary project.
After a little over a year I moved on from SAE to work for the University of Chester in their Video Production department. I now get to spend every day writing, shooting, directing and editing everything from simple vox pops to fully fledged campus promotional videos!
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